My name is Kayla Henderson and I grew up in Assiniboia, SK. I am currently enrolled in the Secondary Education Program at the University of Regina with a major in English and a minor in French. In my first year of university, I knew that the program I was currently in wasn’t the right fit for me and so I was ecstatic when I was accepted into the Department of Education. Now, two years into my program, I absolutely know that being a teacher is what I want to do. Having been placed in several classrooms throughout my program, my passion for teaching continues to grow; I want to help students realize their potential and their self-worth. I feel privileged to have worked with the students that I have so far and, as a teacher, I look forward to helping students reach their goals.

Outside of the classroom, I pride myself on the volunteerism that I have shown in the community. As well as being a UR Mentor and a University of Regina Ambassador for the last two years, I am also volunteering at Creative Corners Daycare Centre once a week. In the summer, I also volunteer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and, for the 2013 Grey Cup Festival in -40 C temperatures, I am proud to say that I still helped out the organization as a means of cultivating a sense of unity within the community. Although it can be difficult juggling school, work and volunteerism, I believe it is important to give back to the community and it has been a rewarding experience to work with people of all ages and backgrounds.

I consider myself a life-long learner and this is a perspective that, in the future, I will try to incorporate into my classroom. Furthermore, I believe it is essential for every successful teacher to establish relationships with his/her students and to bring a positive attitude into the classroom that will facilitate student learning. Even though, through my classes, I feel like I have developed several essential skills that will be vital in my teaching career, I know there is still much to learn; specifically, I would like to work on my classroom management, time management and problem solving skills. I am aware that being a teacher means always being able to adapt to change; as the student body continues to diversify, there will always be new challenges and I am excited to embrace these as a means of developing further as a professional.

I am looking forward to my career in teaching because I know it is one in which I can really make a difference. I want to be able to not only help students but also to go home each evening being confident in what I achieved that day. I recognize that a career in education can be challenging but it is one that I know I will be happy in as I feel I possess all the right skills for it. Having a positive school career throughout K-12, I have had many teachers who have influenced me today. Ultimately, I hope to have this kind of impact on my students; I want them to have the best school career possible and I hope to accomplish this by giving exciting lessons, getting involved in extra-curricular and creating a safe and respectful learning environment. I believe being a teacher is synonymous with making an impact in students’  lives and I hope that, in the future, I will be able to do this.


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