#ECMP355: What I’ve Learned


  Monkey Mash Button via Compfight cc

The end of ECMP 355 has officially arrived. It was a great class; I learned so many useful, practical things that I will undoubtedly carry over in my career as a teacher. I thank Katia and, of course, everyone in #ECMP355 as you all made the class fun and engaging.

Below is my summary of personal learning for ECMP 355. The video is split into two parts. The first bit is me singing an amazing rendition of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. As I’m sure you can all tell, if things didn’t work out for me as a teacher, I undoubtedly have a future as a singer. To make this video, I used iMovie. I had never used iMovie before and so I was a little scared to use it. However, I found that it is totally user friendly and I had no trouble figuring it out. The hardest part of the whole experience was finding good lighting and, even then, I’m not sure I did such a good job (I swear I’m not THAT pale).

I was going to leave my summary of personal learning with just these song lyrics, but then I remembered what Katia said in class: do something for your summary of personal learning that challenges you. For me, writing song lyrics is not challenging as I am a fairly creative person. So, I decided to tack on another part to the video and that includes me using Screen-Cast-O-Matic to make a screencast. I had never used Screen-Cast-O-Matic, either, but it was easy to figure out. The hardest part was doing all of the editing in iMovie but again, that workload was fairly manageable.

Although it wasn’t hard work, there was lots to be done in creating this video. I know it’s a bit long (sorry, Katia) but I really am proud of the overall result. I gotta say, I never knew I had it in me! And that was the point of this whole class, wasn’t it? To show everyone that they are more digital literate than they thought? To show them that if they put some effort in, they’d learn that technology isn’t so scary after all?

Well done, Katia, well done.


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