This and That: Some Finishing Touches


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With the deadline for our MLP looming, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to work on for this week. So far, I had done all the major parts of the face and so I was struggling to decide what would be a good addition to all this previous work. Eventually, I decided to work on the different angles of the face, the different head shapes and the different eyebrow shapes. Together, these make up enough work for one week and they are each important for my overall goal of learning how to draw faces realistically.

To start out, I drew different perspectives of the face. As we all know, the view of our face changes depending on the angle we are viewing from. Depending on these different angles, your facial features look incredibly different; a person’s nose, for example, looks much different from the side compared to the front. For the drawing below, I copied this resource that I found on Pinterest. I thought the drawing did an excellent job of covering all the angles that you can see a face from, and how this change affects the look of the face. It’s important to consider what angle the face is at when drawing and so this was a valuable exercise for me to do.


There were also a few helpful pages from this book that I got from the library. It talks about how splitting a face in half and drawing lines on each side of the face accordingly can help in making a face symmetrical and this is something that I’ve been trying to do with all the drawings that I’ve done. It also talks about how drawing diagonal lines on the face can help you get a feel of what angles all the facial features are at.


Next up, I did some research on the different face shapes. Before this, I didn’t realize that there were so many different face shapes out there. But, delving into this subject a bit more, I realized that faces are constructed very differently. I find that it is easier to understand this if you see real life examples of these different face shapes, i.e. celebrities. Click here to check that out. Face shape is key for making a face recognizable and so it’s important to recognize that each person you draw has a distinct jaw line/facial construction. I used this website as a reference for drawing my face shapes.


Now, onto the eyebrow shapes. I found a really great still picture demonstration of how to draw an eyebrow. See that here. The key to a good eyebrow drawing is to make sure that the drawing has texture. Hair has texture and that therefore must be reflected in the drawing. To do so, you draw different hair strands darker than you do the others. You DO NOT shade your eyebrows the same colour as, unless you draw your eyebrows on, that’s not how real eyebrows look. There are, of course, many different eyebrow shapes but the main goal of these exercises was to make sure that I am able to get the eyebrow texture right. Throughout this MLP, I am finding Pinterest to be quite an asset as, again, I found a resource that helped me draw eyebrows. I will definitely be using Pinterest in the future for getting ideas for lesson plans!



Although I didn’t do any exercises in relation to the video below, I thought it was very well done and it was good for just giving a general overview of how to draw a human face. The author who did the video had excellent tips regarding how to draw a face and some of the techniques he used would be beneficial for me to use in the future.

That’s it for this week. Next week, I’m going to write my final reflection on this whole drawing process, as well as have some  sketches of a human face. As a reference, I am going to use a celebrity face and hopefully, my finished sketch will look somewhat like that person.

How’s everyone else’s MLP going?


2 thoughts on “This and That: Some Finishing Touches

  1. I wish I was good at drawing. Your work is amazing and you have come a long way. Eyebrows, noses, and mouths I think would be the hardest things to draw. My project has been going well. I am going to video myself teaching a yoga class this week!


  2. […] Week seven was a sort of “miscellaneous” week. I decided to catch up on a bunch of things that I thought would help improve my overall sketching skills. This included drawing different shapes of eyebrows, different head shapes, and the different perspectives that you can view a human face from. This week was a relatively easy one and so it helped me get ready for a big week of completing a few finished sketches of a human face (soon to come!). […]


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