Noses: The Bane of My Existence

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Everyone’s noses are different; needless to say, there are a variety of nose shapes out there. Throw that in with weird cartilage and different shadows, drawing noses has been my toughest task yet. I’m always up for a challenge, however! And drawing noses has certainly tested my patience. The hardest part, I think, is drawing the nose in isolation to the face. I didn’t have this problem with drawing the eyes, but it is difficult to get the nose’s shading right when it is not part of a whole face. But I have persevered! And I have some noses that I’ve draw that I want everyone to see.

First off, just to familiarize myself with what I would be dealing with regarding noses, I went to this website. I liked the diagrams in this website because it focused a lot on the different angles and the key elements of the nose. As we know, if a person is turned sideways, you will get a side view of their nose which looks much different than the front view. Look at the picture from this website and you’ll see what I mean. So, in my drawings, I wished to incorporate this element; not only will I become more familiar with the parts of the nose as a result, but I’ll also be able to draw more diversely, as well.

I did my own little sketches of the noses in the first website mentioned. This helped me get the different angles of the nose right and also gave me an idea of the general anatomy of the nose.


There were a couple of excerpts from my books that helped me a bit with drawing the nose, as well.





There really wasn’t a whole lot of information in my print sources about how to draw noses but these few pages nevertheless helped. Like I said in this video, it is good to have as many resources as possible in order to supplement your learning and make you as good as what you’re doing as possible.

Of course, YouTube videos, as always, helped me enormously this week. I liked watching this video because it made me realize that, really, the nose is just a bunch of shapes with some shading. The shading, though, is the hardest part as I was amazed and a little depressed, frankly, about how the author of this video was able to transform a fairly average nose into a pencil masterpiece! I am afraid my nose-drawing skills are not yet at this level but I know I can only get better with practice!

I also used this video while drawing my noses. Again, the man in this video drew three very simple shapes and then put in shadows to make the nose look realistic. One of the things that the man did so effortlessly – no doubt because he is an experienced drawer – is that his nose was perfectly symmetrical. So far in this journey, and not only just for the noses, I have had trouble making everything symmetrical and that is something that I will just have to get more of a feel of as I grow as a drawer.

Lastly, I enjoyed this website because, again, it simplified the nose into a series of shapes and went step by step on how to finish the nose off with shading. I also liked this website because it differentiated between a female and male nose as, oftentimes, the female’s nose is smaller and slimmer.

With that, I’ll leave you all to examine my noses.





Are my noses as awkward as I think they are? Maybe I should draw Voldemort who doesn’t have a nose (For non Harry Potter fans, he’s a guy without a nose). Then I’d be set!

What has been YOUR biggest challenge in your Major Learning Project so far?

3 thoughts on “Noses: The Bane of My Existence

  1. They are my bane of existence as well. I have been practicing them for years. Now I’ve come to the point where they look great in practice, but when I do an actual portrait they still suck. But I have faith! We’ll just have too keep up the dry run.


  2. Cannot agree more that noses are a challenge. I always want to get them over with as quickly as possible and so end up drawing them first and building the rest of the face around them (unfortunately I now personally can’t draw faces any other way, which can be a good or bad thing 🙂 You will get the hang of it, looking forward to see your progress!!


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