No Pressure: Drawing the Window into the Soul

3256314260_c84b3b454c_bDomGromit via Compfight cc

Now, for a little explanation about this week’s learning project and learning how to draw eyes:

I browsed through this website before I started drawing my eyes. It was helpful to go over everything that I was going to need to do so that I could familiarize myself with all of the steps that I was going to have to make. Sometimes, when I watch YouTube videos, they go a little fast or I miss something said and so I have to go back, find my place, and listen to what was said again. What I liked the most about this website was that it broke everything down into steps and for me, I find drawing a lot easier when I can see the progression of a couple simple shapes to a realistic eye.

I consulted quite a few images when I was drawing my eyes because I found it helpful to have different still images that I could really look at and consult. For example, I used this image but I found that there were too big of steps between the different stages of the drawings and so it was hard for me to try to fill in the gaps. However, I liked the photo because the shading in it was excellent and the detail in the irises were spot-on.

I liked this image a bit more because there were more steps I could follow and it provided a different perspective of the eye. Lots of times, people only draw eyes that are depicted staring right at you and I think it helps you build better skill to vary the perspective up a bit. So, using this step-by-step drawing, I drew an eye like the one depicted in the above video, one that incorporated the eyebrow and used a bit of shading.

The videos that I used in particular while drawing these eyes are posted above. I liked the first video because it went through the various steps that beginners should use while creating an eye and the ongoing commentary from the author was helpful. I also liked how she told the watcher to draw “guiding lines” that you could erase later because those lines are helpful in making sure your eye is properly proportioned. From this video, I had the most trouble with drawing the “starburst” pattern in the iris and so I had to watch that part three times so that I could get it right. I liked how the author included the reflecting light in the iris, as well, because that’s a staple of any realistic eye.

I very much enjoyed the second video because it gave a general overview of the structure of the eye and some of the do’s and dont’s for drawing eyes. It’s important, I think, to have a general grasp on the anatomy of the eye so that you can draw it properly and so this video was helpful in that aspect.

There are some more videos that I looked at on my YouTube playlist. I didn’t spend too much time on these videos, though, so I won’t post a blurb about them.

I am still in the process of finding a good book on drawing for me to use for the rest of my major learning project! I am trying to find one at the library as most of the ones I’ve seen at Chapters are expensive. Any suggestions out there? Or any other comments about my progress so far? I am a little amazed at how well it’s going. I’m quite happy I took this class or else I don’t think I would have been motivated enough to draw at all this summer!


2 thoughts on “No Pressure: Drawing the Window into the Soul

  1. […] Week three involved me taking a bold approach and attempting to draw the human eye. Looking back, perhaps drawing “The Window into the Soul” was a bit ambitious for first getting out of the gate, but it helped me gain an idea of the challenges I’d be facing in the future. Specifically, I had some trouble drawing the light reflections in the pupil but I was able to overcome this and draw some quality eyes. Check out my progress in this blog post. […]


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