The Beginning of My Journey: The Art of Drawing Faces

These are the basic faces that I drew. With these faces, I was most concerned with getting the proportions right and so I didn’t bother erasing the lines after; these lines are useful in observing the general overview of the face. I used three resources while drawing these faces. For the face below, I followed this youtube video. I liked this video because it explained to me the distance that every piece of the face is from one other. Also, if I was to start a real sketch on this particular face, I could easily erase the lines on his face and work on the shading to make it seem realistic. However, as you may be able to see, the right part of this man’s jaw is not equal to his left side. That was one downfall of the video is it did not explain a way in which you could ensure that both side of the jawlines were equal. I did, however, like the video’s demonstration of how to draw hair as, from what I’ve heard, hair is not easy to master. The hair I drew here is very simple, but I think it works with the man’s face.


The next resource I used for this next sketch is this wiki page. Out of all the resources I used for this particular post, this was probably my least favourite. The demonstration that it shows on the page was not done by a human hand (instead, it was done electronically) and so the end result that the page shows is not realistic. When I saw the end result that this resource brought me to, I decided to look for other resources that would help me add to the product. The next website I found helped me add a bit more realism to her face and to her hair. I made her ears a bit more 3D and I added eyelashes to her eyes. In particular, I am satisfied with the shape of this woman’s face but I am not a big fan of her lips as they do not appear even from left to right. I would have been better to follow a resource such as this and I will be sure to consult it later when I focus on creating lips. Like I said, for this blog post, I was more concerned with the general make-up of the face rather than mastering every part of it and so, for now, I am satisfied with the result.


Lastly, I decided to go back to my first resource and try to do another face – practice makes perfect! This particular gentleman has a particularly angular face and large eyes. This may not be so realistic in everyday life but I wanted to experiment with the different kinds of faces that I could create and I was quite surprised at how different this face was from all of the rest.


I am happy with all of my attempts at drawing faces. Particularly, I am satisfied with the variety of faces that I created. However, I still need to work on making sure that I create the different parts of the face evenly to ensure that everything is symmetrical. Also, I want to keep on working on proportions so I am going to continue using the line scheme like I did in the above examples to ensure that the face is realistic.

That’s it for now! Anyone have any suggestions or comments on my drawings so far? Hopefully they’ll get better!


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